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Dimensional Anomalies are Spatial/Temporal Distortions that allow matter to be transmitted from one dimension to another.


These occur in nature but they are very rare and almost impossible to artificially produce. They allow matter to travel through other dimensions. This however does not necessarily mean that you will end up in another dimension but merely in a different 3D universe with in our 10th Dimensional Omniverse. For example, a dimensional anomaly might take you to through the 5th dimension to a parallel universe.

There is little knowledge on this subject, how they form and why is unknown.

Dimensional AnomaliesEdit

There is only type of dimensional anomalies and it takes the form of a portal or a fissure.

It is unknown how this forms but it appears to act like a portal allowing you travel through dimensions. It seems to open out your superstrings so they are open ended allowing travel to other dimentions. These often are small and collapse in a short amount of time. Some portals don't have enough energy and collapse quite quickly. These eventually will collapse by themselves. Very few of them have been reported and even less have be transversed.

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